Our environmental policy is influenced by an awareness that our hotel and its business can only be sustainable if we consider the added value brought by the wealth of nature that surrounds us and an understanding of the natural resources that we use.
We believe that it is essential, and extremely beneficial for our business, if we can play our part (at our level) in raising awareness for the environment among our stakeholders.
We recognize that we are just taking the first steps, but our aim is simple: to do our best!
Nuno Ferreira, Director of the São Félix Hotel

The São Félix Hotel was awarded a three-leaf classification, and is the perfect example of the kind of hotel management approach that we would like to welcome into the Five-Leaf System from hotels in any part of the country.
Five-Leaf is a dynamic system, allowing hotels to grow in sustainable fashion at their own pace over the years until they reach the Five-Leaf standard.
Silvia Paula Pelham, Director, Five-Leaf System