Our Environment Policy

We believe that economic growth and social welfare are inescapably tied to the well-being of the environment.We therefore accept our responsibility in caring for the environment and we commit ourselves to developing and integrating good practices and sustainability principles in our business strategy.

With the collaboration of our stakeholders – the owners, franchise operators, suppliers and business partners – we are and will be focusing on reducing the environmental impact of our business operations. This involves on-going enhancement of existing procedures and the search for innovation, spotlighting:

  • the preservation of natural resources
  • reduction of waste and pollution
  • improvements to interior environmental quality
  • carrying out the work needed for drawing up reports on major environmental indicators
  • raising awareness of environmental considerations among those who work for and with us, and our customers and the community
We recognise that both we ourselves and the community of which we are a part are only just taking the first steps on the path. Many changes will have to be made if we are to reach our basic aims. We believe, however, that our efforts to support and develop a wholesome environment will be the guarantee of continuity for present and future generations.