“With support from consumers and businesses alike, farmers and workers have earned more than $77 million in community development premiums to farmers and workers since 1998 – Fair Trade Month is a time to celebrate this accomplishment and inspire a new generation of passionate supporters.”

Mary Jo Cook, Chief Impact Officer of Fair Trade USA.

To buy Fair Trade Certified products means that people get quality products but concurrently are fostering improvement conditions for farmers and helping to protect the environment.

Fair Trade USA works with hundreds of importers, manufacturers and brands to bring certified products to over 100,000 outlets throughout the States.

Just this year, more than 120 new Fair Trade Certified products have joined the aisles of grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and can also be purchased on-line, creating an enormous impact on farming and workers in developing countries.

Throughout this month, let all ethically-minded consumers around the WORLD, think of Fair Trade Products, while choosing their brand of coffee or tea for breakfast!

Article written by Silvia Pelham