Experience a Technical Connection with Nature

The Community Farm of Ann Arbor (CFAA) has been turning sun-glow into tomatoes for the past three years.

How? By stripping the back of a classic Allis-Chalmers “G” tractor[1] of its petrol tank and engine and replacing it by an electric one powered by batteries recharged by photovoltaic panels.

CFAA-SolarTractorThe CFAA’s solar-powered tractor project was funded by a Michigan “Energy Office’s Community Energy Project Grant” and could be applied to other tractors such as the GII, a more up-to-date model of the same make (under the Simplicity brand name[2]) or even to the famous John Blue[3] – or Blue tractor, as it is known to farmers.

And why are these tractors better than others when it comes to running on solar power?

It is simply because they are rear-engined tractors and much easier to access and work with.

So, if you are the lucky owner of a rusty, long-lost grandfather tractor….follow the instructions below[4] and help minimise reliance on non-renewable energy sources, stop releasing fuel fumes into the atmosphere and keep your countryside unpolluted!


Source: www.communityfarmofaa.org


Article by Silvia Pelham

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