Experience a People Connection with Nature

At the end of last year, Samsung brought joy to children in South Africa living in rural communities.

How? By providing free internet in a portable classroom, powered by the African sun, equipped with galaxies and other state of the art gadgets, within a container which can serve villages where there is no electricity.

exterior of school

Source: Samsung promotional video – Phomolong, near Johannesburg[1]

The Internet Schools Programme is part of Samsung’s Hope for Children, one of the pilot projects from the company’s global social contributions activities implemented not only in South Africa but also in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Sudan.

The equipment within the 12-metre long classroom ranges from interactive whiteboards (e-board) to multi-purpose printer, and from internet enabled solar powered notebooks and tablets to WI-FI-enabled cameras.

Students and staff have welcomed the initiative, which has won this year’s African Solar Project of the Year by the Africa Energy Awards, and with these units mushrooming across the continent, the company aims to reach 2.5 million learners in the years up to 2015.

Article by Silvia Pelham

[1] See http://global.samsungtomorrow.com