Experience a Magical Connection with Nature

The Pine Butte Guest Ranch provides a ranch holiday in a magnificent setting with Montana’s Rocky Mountains rising out of the vast prairie. Its mission is to promote conservation through education and personal experience, and as it is owned by the Nature Conservancy, it can help travelers make a special connection to nature.

The prairie is a haven for wildflowers and wildlife and the ranch has its own naturalists who go on hikes or rides with guests. The ranch also offers natural history workshops ranging from bird watching to field courses on the habits of the grizzly bear – taking guests through scenery where grizzly bears still roam free.

The commitment to protecting the planet has led the ranch to use practices easy on the environment, making it a sustainable operation by leaving the smallest footprint possible. Sustainable materials and products have been used and targets for increased efficiency have been met in the use of resources.

Wind and solar generators are in place and a Sustainability Plan outlining goals for further conservation was formalized five years ago. Implementation has been guided by a carbon footprint assessment and the analysis of greenhouse gas emissions. A fund to support infrastructure investments has also been created.

Well worth a visit and an example to us all!


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Source: Bebe Crouse, Director Communications, The Nature Conservancy