WorldGBC reports on green buildings around the world

The latest report by the World Green Building Council on the economic and social benefits of sustainable buildings around the world was made public on March 6.

Jane Henley, CEO of the World Green Building Council, believes “sustainable buildings provide tangible benefits and make clear business sense.”

The Business Case for Green Building shows developers, investors and occupiers what are the costs and benefits of green buildings and how sustainability affects design and construction, lowers maintenance costs and raises the asset value of the properties.

The developer lowers his design and construction costs, can demand higher sales prices and can expect quicker sales and has other advantages shared with owners: the ability to secure finance, a rapid return on investment, increased market value and reduced vacancies.

The tenant raises productivity through increased health and well-being and shares with owners lower operating and maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

The owner has also lower depreciation and exit yield and increased occupancy rates and shares with all lower transaction fees and refurbishing costs, a better corporate image and increased prestige value and compliance with legislation and other legal requirements.

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By Silvia Pelham

Image source: World Green Building Council