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Sasaab Lodge – Samburu, a Five-Leaf System member, won the Ecotourism Partnership of the Year Award 2012, sponsored by the Federation of Community Organizations, at the Eco-Warrior Awards in Kenya. Congratulations!

The Eco-Warrior Awards recognize efforts, innovations and exceptional achievements for promoting responsible tourism and enhancing tourism sustainability which directly conserves the natural environment linked to local communities through mutually beneficial and equitable partnerships.

Nature conservation through community development from tourism is the essence of ecotourism.

Guests at Sasaab make a direct contribution by their stay towards helping six hundred families of the Ngutuk-Ongiron Group Ranch.

Community projects include schools in the Westgate Area with the provision of furniture, art supplies and over two hundred school text books supplied.

The women in the Westgate Community Conservancy live in a traditional hierarchical structure without any significant employment and Sasaab has helped to form three women’s groups to make artefacts which are used in the lodge and sold in the gift shop.

Sasaab also works with the Westgate Community health care workers planning and participating in community health programmes.

Lion conservation has become a major concern and research is being carried out to minimise its disappearance.

Sasaab Lodge generates hot water using solar panels and uses energy conserving light bulbs and well as growing its own vegetables.

Apart from winning the Ecotourism Partnership of the Year Award 2012, Sasaab was also awarded a gold Eco-Rating last June. This is a prestigious award in Kenya, and only one of 6 lodges in the country to have reached this level.

Green Lodge

By Silvia Pelham

Image source: Sasaab Lodge