A single plant can be enough to give you a restful sleep. It’s called Andrea and was invented three years ago.  With a Best Invention Award, popular Science in the USA and a permanent collection exhibit of Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, you can now take one home with you.

Manmade modern materials used in interior decorating can emanate obnoxious substances, which, invisible to our sight, hang in the air we breathe in our rooms.

So tells us NASA, upon conferring a high level of toxic volatile compounds in astronauts’ body tissues, resulting from close contact with the plastic, fibreglass, insulating materials and fire retardants that space crafts are built of.

But so are our hotel rooms!

Mathieu LeHanneur has pictured these toxic compounds in his video as moving, menacing waves which live within the four walls of our room and to top it all, has them joined by others of similar ilk, pouring in from the polluted external city air through our opened windows.

With David Edwards from Harvard University, Mathieu devised Andrea, a living air filter made of three elements – a plant, a container and a ventilator – with a filter which allows a one-pot plant to produce enough oxygen in the window sill in your bedroom.


Source: http://www.mathieulehanneur.fr

Andrea’s leaves and roots produce enough oxygen which gets poured in and circulated into the room while fiercely fighting whatever hangs there, thus granting you a good night’s sleep…

By Silvia Pelham