Our operations began this millennium, with Eco Adventures offering outdoor recreational activities for children and adults.

Eco Adventures was born out of our owners’ fascination with the natural environment, Barbados’ heritage, and a desire to share these Barbadian treasures. It’s amazing how this island was formed, and how Barbadians lived long ago, and why there are many scores of Barbadian centenarians.

Our tour guide Victor Cooke with the assistance of his wife Melva share with tour participants Barbados’ flora, fauna history, culture and geology. Regarding the local flora we explain their various applications; for the fauna, their role in the eco system’s balance is explained in terms of contributing to a healthy environment (from the ants, to millipedes, bats, birds and more).

Barbados’ unique geology is one that is shared in our easy to understand “Geology 101”, this is when the significance of the island’s coral stone cap or karst (which covers 85% of the island) and it’s over 482 kilometers of ravines is shared, especially as they relate to Barbados’ water supply and pollution.

Included in our geology story is also the fragile nature of the 15% of the island, which is labeled the Scotland District or Ancestral Barbados to geologists, in terms of how it must be treated as regards building construction, waste water, animal grazing and certain recreational activities.

The island’s transformation from the settlement of the English in 1627 to the first thirty five years is a remarkable story of land subjugation and environmental irreversibility; we explain its effects and current laws regarding trees.

In our bid to encourage Barbadians we offer moonlight camp out events that Barbados by night and the dawning of a new day may also be appreciated. Non campers are not left out as we offer moonlight walks and sunrise hikes.

On one of our popular trails participants experience how a community of naturalists live and interface with their environment, utilizing the natural spring water for all their needs.

This trail led by Victor Cooke is used annually by a local school to expose their students to the water cycle.

Victor is a member and volunteer hike leader for the Barbados National Trust’s (BNT) popular Hike Barbados Sunday hikes. The BNT’s mandate is to preserve Barbados’ natural and build heritage. The Barbados Museum & Historical Society of which Victor is a member shares a similar mandate.