Reethi Beach, a Five-Leaf System member, a jewel dropped in the Indian Ocean, has been producing freshwater from the resort’s desalination plant and rain-harvesting for the last decade.


A drop in the ocean


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Reethi Beach is located on a very small Island in Baa Atoll, and is part of three natural atolls comprising 75 islands, only 13 inhabited. The reefs of this atoll are in pristine condition and this resort has made sure that they will always be kept this way.

Installing a desalination plant was only one of many measures its management saw fit to transform this place into an eco-resort in a location where often the slightest activity may induce catastrophic environmental results and tip the natural balance of the land.

Apart from getting local people in neighbouring islands to tend herb and vegetable gardens and produce more fruit for the resort, the management has also strived to reduce waste by recycling all that is possible and adopting new measures to minimize its impact.

Management changed cocktail plastic straws for straw, all plastic bags were stopped in outlets and rooms, guest toiletries are now re-fillable and drinking water bottled in re-usable glass bottles, thus saving up to 400 disposable plastic ones daily.

Re-cycling of treated water from the sewage treatment plant is used for irrigation purposes and underground tanks of nearly 200 ton capacity provide a welcome for rainwater.

By installing an energy recovery system at the desalination plant almost 10 years ago, it doubled its output with a marginal increase in consumption.

And using the hot water from the heat exchange cycle and a dry-room in the laundry instead of big commercial dryers has also meant energy savings all around.

A good example for us all.

By Silvia Pelham