It’s at the LTX 2014 EVENT (The Luxury Travel Exchange) at the Venetian and Palazzo Resort Hotel, in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 11th December.

Business owners or agents need to better their skills constantly to improve expert knowledge and guarantee success.

Events such as these are ideal to learn novel sales and marketing trends from across the globe, either by attending agent-supplier exchanges or by not missing networking receptions and luncheons!

Apart from hoteliers, tour operators and travel agents, experienced professionals on customer personalization are available to present ways in which clients expectations can be met in a new, expectant and satisfying emotional level.

As travel experience becomes more complex, so the consumer is more aware of what to expect from a unique and distinct travel service – innovation through a service concept which brings together escapism, entertainment and culture.

Long-term customer relationship is what all engaged in the industry are looking forward to – especially at a time when economic dictates seem to determine and rule over most holiday choices.

As such, not having to find a client provides organizations with a saving, in terms of marketing for new business, developing other travel-supplier relationships and postponing young agent’s practical training and education to a near future.

Peer-to-peer perspectives are invaluable to help re-define business models and enhance new dimensions in travel, re-defining travel habits, influencing better choices and gaging wisely what new paths  affluent travellers are expecting to like to tread.


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By Silvia Pelham