FITUR is back again, the International Tourism Trade Fair focusing on Ibero-American markets and celebrating its 35th annual meeting in Madrid, from January 28 to February 1.

It’s a massive place, housing more than 9,000 exhibitors, ranging from large and well-established companies to budding enterprises, trying their luck on how to successfully transform their beloved leisure commodity into a thriving business.

The 18th Ibero-American Conference of Tourism Ministers and Businessmen will be prior to the trade show but on opening day, all will rush to have a glimpse of Royalty, the day ending with the ceremony and gala dinner for the 11th UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism.

Regions from 165 countries will be represented and over 7,000 reporters and journalists from 60 countries will be describing them to the world, enticing future travellers to discover new routes or re-visit revamped well-trodden tourism circuits. 

Sustainable consumption and production patterns in the hospitality business will be the order of the day, with discussions on how the sector can accelerate this shift, essential to the reconversion of the hotel sector as part of economic and local revitalization.

As the week unfolds, ways in which the traveller can quantify what makes a sustainable destination will be summed up to all partners involved, and networking might prove again to be the best engine to propagate and share success stories. 

Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts will introduce their project on Ecological Hotels around the world – “Think Planet” – and share its management and innovation practices, guarantor of the Group’s steadily advance towards sustainability.

Through the doors will come over 120,000 trade visitors and at the end, up to 100,000 people from the general public will joined them too.

All to enjoy the delights of the many and varied activities laid on for them, and the special gifts distributed by the stands to mark their presence at the event.

A great place to visit and also to meet the Five-Leaf System team! See you there!


Five-Leaf System - FITUR 2015 _Jan-Feb2015 - Spain

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By Silvia Pelham