A Five-Leaf System member which prides itself on being totally integrated into its natural surroundings – an oasis by a salt lake, where time stops and man is closer to nature.

Egyptian desert

Source: The Adrère Amellal set into the rock – http://www.adrereamellal.net

The silent darkness of the western desert brings forth nature’s authenticity and the starry sky rules over the softly lit beeswax candled internal spaces carved out of the rock.

All forty rooms are hand-built and unique, blending into the landscape, doorways punched into the stone, open passageways to cool evening breezes, alcoves set into niches with small windows set back into thick walls.

A mixture of mud, sand and sun-dried salt make for the dressing of the walls and palm trunks cast the ceilings and local craftsmanship shines through exquisitely embroidered cloth.

Sitting on cushions spread over the desert sand or sitting on local crafted furniture in a grotto studded with salt crystals, one can savour organic food grown in the grounds and let time stand still.

desert dinner

Source: Dining in the desert – http://www.adrereamellal.net

Article by Silvia Pelham