Product innovation was the name of the game at ECOBUILD 2015 in London this year, from the 3rd to the 5th of March.

Setting up low carbon energy infrastructure to all is in everyone’s mind but this aim is clouded by doubts on which long term plan should be used to manage risks from our planet’s changing climate.

The question “what exactly makes a country’s sustainable policy relevant?” was a concern at the outset of the exhibition, and although consensus was attained on many facets, it continued being expressed  in completely distinct ways by the 2000 exhibitors originating from nearly 90 countries.

On the overall picture, there were hundreds of speakers present, with themes ranging from discussions on the Kyoto protocol on energy and climate and narrowing down to construction and certification issues applied to single buildings and materials.

Decades of solar expertise revealed a simplified approach to the subject, with potential clients more eager and at ease with proposed solutions to their homes and finding the subject of good indoor air quality a new theme to contend with.

But what kept bringing curious folk to the front was the now well-known and most sought-after “Big Innovation Showcase” which this year, as in former times, displayed selected new products launched into the market and a wonder to all.

Traditional techniques walked hand-in-hand with the most modern digital technologies, bringing together revolutionary assembly expertise to materials presented raw or mechanically finished to indoor and outdoor solutions.

Nature and biodiversity also played a major role this year, focusing on its application to urban areas, and bringing the natural world – birds, bees, butterflied, bats and beetles! – to newly planned ecosystems which will enable man to create liveable cities in decades to come.

The Five-Leaf System was there and suggests you pencil in the event for next year!


Five-Leaf System - Ecobuild - London - March 2015

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By Silvia Pelham