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The aim of the CROWDFUNDING campaign

“Leaf-Boa Go Green Lisboa”

is to raise awareness among travellers as to the choice of lodgings with green credentials and help tourist accommodation owners to improve their ecological and environmental performance


lisbon-portugal TNTMAGAZINE

Our focus in this campaign will be on reaching 6,100 lodgings in Lisbon



to provide hotel and lodging owners with a practical guide on the main areas of interest for a hotel that is environmentally friendly


air conditioning

electrical equipment

water consumption

air quality inside the building

products and services relating to personal hygiene

waste management

training of staff 


interaction with stakeholders and

ecological supplies and acquisition

At an average of 30 contacts per team member/per day with 4 people making 2,400 contacts over 3 months, this gives us

7,200 contacts

This figure is more than enough for one contact per hotel or other lodging, and means that there is flexibility in the workload taken on by members of the team.

Once we reach 6,100€ through crowd funding (the equivalent of 1€ = 1 lodging) we can start on the initiative.

That’s all you have to do:


1€ = 1 lodging



thank you


visit our site at www.fiveleafsystem.com




Visit Paris at the beginning of fall

For those who are into tourism and who like to travel well – whether they are in business, at their leisure or attending a conference  – maybe Paris in the fall will be a good place to choose this year.

IFTM Top Resa was established 35 years ago in Deauville, France and 30 years later moved to Paris where it became a tourism and travel show which covered major targets – Business, Leisure and Events.

This year the fair counts on nearly 30,000 professionals to visit nearly 350 stands with 1,200 brands – and the traveller will be able to choose from 160 destinations. Welcome!


Five-Leaf System - iftm2014 - France

Image Source: www.iftm.fr

Travel and Tourism Trade Fairs

These are ideal places to network and everyone should start the year taking time travelling to work!

These are a few places you can choose to go in January…..

If you happen to be in Europe from Thursday to Sunday – 16 to 19 – you can choose Switzerland and visit BERNEXPO (with Tunisia to be guest country)

Five-Leaf System - Messeplatz Bern - BERNEXPO - Switzerland 2014

Image source: www.ferienmesse.ch

or you can go for Austria, taking a look at Ferien Messe Wien – leading public access tourism trade fair, which also allows you entry to the Vienna Autoshow and to Cook & Look .

Five-Leaf System - FERIEN MESSE WIEN - Austria 2014

Image source: www.ferien-messe.at

If you miss this you can always return to that part of the world at the end of the month and visit Geneve for PALEXPO from the 24-26.

Five-Leaf System - Palexpo - Geneve - Switzerland 2014

Image source: www.palexpo.ch

If you prefer to travel south to Madrid from 22 to 26, there is the 34th FITUR International Tourism Fair and FITUR GREEN, proposing comprehensive strategies for sustainable tourism destinations as well as INVESTOUR, the V Tourism investment and Business Forum for Africa.

Five-Leaf System - FITUR - Madrid 2014

Image source: www.ifema.es/fitur_06

FITUR last year had nearly 10,000 exhibitors from 167 countries and had over 100,000 trade visitors. This shows the upward trend in the business and it continues to be the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets.

If you want to go to the States you can choose between Chicago at the beginning of the month (11-12) for the Travel and Adventure Show for informative seminars and hand-on adventure activities

Five-Leaf System - Chicago Travel and Adventure Show - USA 2014

Image source: www.adventureexpo.com

or travel west to California (17-19) and try the Los Angeles Times Travel Show, bringing you everything from safari adventures to scuba diving, wind surfing to wine tours and archaeological excursions to luxury goods and services or pop over to the Travel and Adventure Show in San Francisco (25-26).

Five-Leaf System - LA Travel Show - USA 2014

Image source: http://www.events.latimes.com/travelshow

And if you feel like travelling afar try the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF), where Asian hospitality and cultural diversity reign. The forum will be held this year in Sarawak, Malaysia from the 16th to 23rd.

Five-Leaf System - ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) - Malaysia 2014

Image source: www.atf-malaysia.com

If you want to go over to February, try Earls Court in London, 4-5 February, for the 20th anniversary of the London Business Travel Show, gathering over 6,000 travel professionals this year.

Five-Leaf System - Business Travel Show - London - February 2014

Image source: www.businesstravelshow.com

You can also pop over to Italy 13-15 February for BIT.

It is the reference point for the international travel industry in Milan for trade professionals in the tourism sector.

This year Bit has reserved 3 full days of exclusive business, with direct access for trade operators, leaving the last day of the exhibition to the mixed target, trade and consumer.

Five-Leaf System - BIT - Milan - Feb 2014

Image source: http://www.bit.fieramilano.it

Or go to Bavaria mid-Feb – 19-23 – try Munich for the Fair for Leisure and Travel.

f.re.e is the new name for the popular fair C-B-R Leisure and Travel catering for 110,000 visitors with 1,100 exhibitors from over 60 countries.

Five-Leaf System_f_re_e_Munich_Germany_Feb2014

Image source: www.free-muenchen.de

For the end of the month of February get to know all there is to know about controlling lighting in your premises by going to London and visiting Smart Lighting Controls Europe 2014.

Five-Leaf System - Smart Lighting Controls Europe - London - February 2014

Image source: www.smartlightingconference.com

Think GREEN when you travel in 2014 and choose our Five-Leaf System members to organize your trips, to guide you or to find you a sustainable place to stay!


Image source: www.fiveleafsystem.com

By Silvia Pelham


Cooperative relationships are built upon  mutual interest, the aim being to support each other as well as create an interactive environment without restraints. A balance between a cooperative and a competitive interaction amongst businesses in the same sector is however a big dilemma and what needs to be ensured is that neither one of the two ways of conduct can harm the other or its strategies. It remains however the recipe for success and market sustainability when balanced and implemented in an ethical context.

Developing countries need more and more an enabling environment in order to create economic growth within the private sector. Since the confirmation of two of the biggest world events in Brazil, the FIFA World Cup 2014™ and the Olympic Games 2016™, the country has been targeted by large, international companies of all sectors in search of opportunities in this promising market.

Local business owners have since then experienced a whole new competitive environment and guided by SEBRAE[1], a private business funded by the local government and focused on the development of small businesses, have created cooperation committees based on a mutually beneficial exchange. These relationships are built on a distribution of activities and resources among actors embedded in the same business network.

According to SEBRAE there are 778 active business cooperation committees in Brazil (2011) and the results vary by segment.

Using the tourism industry as an example, small businesses get together and share valuable information regarding their purchases, suppliers and prices. Power of negotiation can be very limited when a small business stands by itself, but when 30 establishments get together to purchase linen, toilet paper or whatever they may need, they can achieve a much better result, increase profits and provide economic growth. This format is used to purchase an infinite number of products and services that are vital to their businesses and enhance competitiveness.

In some committees, even marketing strategies and efforts as well as environmental solutions are shared for the benefit of a destination, especially in the tourism segment. Business sustainability is about an integrated strategy that allows financial growth, community development and environmental  awareness.

“If we do not hang together, we will all hang separately”, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), American statesman, scientist and philosopher.

[1] The Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises.

By Paula Guino, Brazilian, MBA with emphasis on sustainable development, partner at CentroTour Travel and owner of 3G3 Consultancy Services.
Contact: paulaguino@3g3.com.br; twitter: @GuinoPaula; Facebook: /3g3consultoria

October is Fair Trade Month

“With support from consumers and businesses alike, farmers and workers have earned more than $77 million in community development premiums to farmers and workers since 1998 – Fair Trade Month is a time to celebrate this accomplishment and inspire a new generation of passionate supporters.”

Mary Jo Cook, Chief Impact Officer of Fair Trade USA.

To buy Fair Trade Certified products means that people get quality products but concurrently are fostering improvement conditions for farmers and helping to protect the environment.

Fair Trade USA works with hundreds of importers, manufacturers and brands to bring certified products to over 100,000 outlets throughout the States.

Just this year, more than 120 new Fair Trade Certified products have joined the aisles of grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and can also be purchased on-line, creating an enormous impact on farming and workers in developing countries.

Throughout this month, let all ethically-minded consumers around the WORLD, think of Fair Trade Products, while choosing their brand of coffee or tea for breakfast!

Article written by Silvia Pelham

La Joya del Valle de Ricote

La Joya del Valle de Ricote, in the heart of Murcia in Spain, is an example worthy of mention in our LeafLetter. Shortlisted by the region as a tourist accommodation wishing to provide its guests with a peaceful respite amidst unspoilt nature, it was also invited to speak at FITUR 2012 to explain its environmental policy – it was awarded three-leaves when it entered the Five-Leaf System and will certainly progress to four-leaves in the near future!

The Sanderson Maritime company has just created Seatel Hotel, a floating hotel on three floors, with 70 rooms. It provides facilities for each docking of boats, a speed passenger heliport, and a site for 14 tennis courts. The hotel can be secured to the sea floor within 60 miles from the coast.


“SEATEL offers significant advantages over conventional accommodation ships and other forms of offshore accommodation:

• Accommodation is significantly cheaper than other alternatives.
• Flexible offering with single and twin occupancy available in all 70 rooms.
• Onsite location considerably reduces technician transfer time, boosting productivity and cutting costs.
• Single point mooring system allows safe crew transfer in most weather conditions.
• Easily moved between locations.”

With about 2000 km of coastline, why not consider Portugal as a site for floating hotels?

The advantages are great – a lower carbon footprint on the earth – and the coastal hotels could consider such a project as an expansion of their facilities on land or even in high season as overspill. Perhaps also as a refuge for selected customers who do not have time to go on a cruise…

Unexplored areas like some of those in the Madeira archipelago could become viable touristic destination only visible from the hotel. From its anchor, it could become a perfect observatory for the Biogenetic Reserve as classified by the Council of Europe.

The Five-Leaf System Launched

“Simply put, the Five-Leaf System is a way of measuring the eco-friendly nature of hotels.

When people go on holiday or on a business trip, they normally take into account the quality of the hotel in terms of the five-star system. The Five-Leaf System allows them also to judge the quality of the hotel from an environmental point of view.

The aim is to create a system that enables hotels to go up quickly and gain more leaves if adequate measures are taken: no hotel need stop for ever at level 1, 2 or 3, for instance. There are many things that hotels and similar establishments can do to achieve a good rating without incurring a lot of extra cost. The aim is to get people in the industry to see expenditure on pro-environment matters as an investment for the future. The system provides the recognition that this is being done, and registration is absolutely free. A straightforward questionnaire must be completed, and a rating is issued.”

Read more on this article…

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